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292: The Right To Be Respected

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  1. Dazz

    Oh, in a 90’s kind of world…

  2. Anthony Tatum

    Great song selections this week. Keep up the good work.

  3. Tony In SC

    are you kidding?!!! BELLY — that shit is so wack AND good at the same time, thats my official movie, Son!

    The intro, with the Soul 2 Soul and the green eyes – thats How I walk into corporate meetings nigga!!! I play that scene in my head and imagine my getting a client to write me a check is equivalent to the part where the bouncer who gets the gun shoved in his face opens his eyes wide like buckweat from the little rascals – hilarious scene.

    oh, and the shit with the dude on the couch with the 40 ounce saying “im gon get y’all B. Im gon get yall B. and rocking side to side butt ass naked –hilarious scene!

    start a recurring segment where people talk about the funny shit in Belly — visually that shit was amazing, we owe it to hype williams dog. keep up the ratchedness nigga. peace to Karen.

  4. Leonard

    Just trying out this way of hollering at ya’ll. 2 things, Belly is/was the shit. That Soul 2 Soul song is still hot too. Also, I wanna give a big birthday shout out to Karen. Enjoy your day lady. Anyway, I’m gone, peace to Chill, Brent, Gabby, Toya, and the rest of the fans who express love to the show. They all help make the Saturday show what it is.

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