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299: Working While Black

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  1. Anthony Tatum

    Great show,Great song to end the show with.Are you sure you didn’t grow up in Cleveland? I think you music taste is very “clevelandesque” Just joking thanks again.

  2. Classick Material

    LOL this was a great episode!

    “An inspiring tale of tragedy, triumph and fellatio accusations” – Joel Siegel’s review of “Falling Down: The @SayDatAgain Step Class Story”

  3. Clout2k

    On the Naruto thing I don’t know if you’ve watched Dragonball much but it plays out identically. Every other character until the end of Dragonball Z existed solely to get Goku pissed off enough to do something about the main villain.

    To tie that in to the Mass Effect topic let me say that since I grew up playing Japanese games (JRPGs that sort of shit) having an ending predetermined for me doesn’t phase me. I think with the Western RPGs like fallout and mass effect they are setting themselves up for failure for by giving the expectation that the player has a say. Blaming the victim i know, but you lose a lot of opportunity for the story to be told in a more cinematic way when you let the players be the directors. Imagine a game with 30 1-minute long endings vs. one 30-minute long ending. I’m speaking in extremes considering the case of Mass Effect, but given development times and content lengths vs. deadlines and disc sizes I’m sure the length of that ending was a causality of this balancing act.

    One last thing on the work internet usage: I used to be help desk/server admin for a corporate office so I’ll tell you depending on the level of asshole of your particular business you are fine surfing the internet. Clearing your browser history is irrelevant since everything is logged by IP addresses and url requests. So for example while iGoogle is fine, the internet traffic will pick up the individual calls to each module you have added. That being said I’ve seen donkey porn pop up on server logs so seeing iGoogle requests no matter how many, is probably not a problem.

    Sorry for another essay, but it was a good show as usual. Better to have too much to respond to than to just listen and say whatever to the topics being discussed.

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