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308: The Louisiana Compromise

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  1. Dazz

    Is dude gay…? I’ll just say he had no problem doing something strange (something that would be strange for me mind you) for a piece of change. I wouldn’t do it.

  2. jprojectz

    i’ll start off by sayin yes i am black and also had quite the tumultuous relationship wit dogs comin up. with that said ur pitbull slander was UNACCEPTABLE! i had to pause and comment.my pitbull is the sweetest dog i have EVER been around! several of my friends also have pitbulls and they’re the sweetest,most loyal animals EVER!!my kiki wouldnt hurt a fly. unless said fly had me scared,runnin around n was threatening my life then she would get between me n the fly and thered b no more fly lol. heres a link to some statistics n such


    as far as that story wit da little girl that got attacked: tho very sad, i gotta ask wut happened b4 the attack? was she teasin the dog? and i don’t mean purposely cuz she was real young n shit.also where were the adults? if they truly believed the dog was cool like dat then chances r she musta been doin sumem. and dey neighbors sayin they was scared of the dog: scared of it y? cuz it b barkin?does it growl at them?was there a previous incident?or was it jus misinformed pit-hate?idk,id need more info. also i should probably mention my friends n i all had our pits since dey was puppies. how they r raised has a lot to do wit how quick to snap they r. thats with all dogs but especially pits.alright im done,im calmer. that shit jus bothered me so much. and fuck that wackazz dude who shot the granma w/o even knowin it then killed the dog!how in THE FUCK do u not know how many shots u fired and attempt to account for each one!? did they take his gun license!? aight,fareal im done, still luv yall tho jus get ya pit-info game up.n karen i feel ya pain,i got chased a few times n bit once. becuz of that my fence climbing skills r IMMACULATE now!!:-)

  3. Anthony Tatum

    Charlie Sheen shot Kelly Preston.

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