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311: Eclectik Material Dogg

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  1. Timonious

    What up Rod & Karen,

    While on the way to work listening to you guys compare the old cartoons vs the new cartoons, I couldnt help but nod my head up and down like I was at an Outkast concert.

    I remember back in college my friend J and I thought it would be a good idea to rent old school He-Man cartoons and reminisce on our child hood. Maaaannn, talk about a playa had to question his childhood taste and intellect. After we finish watching the episodes J even called his mama to apologize to her for all the times he badgered her as a lil kid about He-Man toys, accessories, and etc. We couldnt figure out for the life of us why this simplistic and irrational cartoon was appealing to us.

    I mean first off, how the hell did Prince Adam’s parents not realize he was He-Man? And why was it that everytime Prince Adam “got the power” he went from a blonde haired white man to blonde haired lightskin brother. When lighting hit that nigga’s ass his skin tone changed. Now that I think about it, thats probably why his parents did recognize him, “We dont have a black child!!!” And why the fuck did they bring Orko on any missions. That motherfucka couldnt do anything right. He-Man would be like, ” Orko make Skeleotr’s henchmen dissappear.” And then everybody that was fighting would turn blind.

    But you know who I blame? I blame our parents. The only reason why cartoons nowadays have stepped their game up is because grown people are into the shows as well. Kids these days take cues from their parents as to what is good to watch. Our parents didnt care about cartoons and anime. So networks just put out whatever. As long as it was bright colorful flashy images with a lil bit of SciFi twist, children didnt complain. But anyway, great show you guys keep up the good work.

  2. popsson

    Hell no I would not keep it.. In this day and age of cameras constantly watching our every move you better believe a full on investigation would be brought about trying to retrieve the money.. maybe in the early 80’s i would keep it, but today? naw nigga..

  3. @eclectik

    Good Hosts
    Good Laughs
    Good Time

    Appreciated to invite on the show, fun times was had by all
    Cartoon discussion, Back in the day, Guest the Race, suicide, Roast beef fingers, AND Some Kay Parker Talk!

    Some of everything went down on this episode

    Gotta get you guys up on the #EDP soon



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