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327: How Old Is 16 Really?

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  1. Donology 13

    Yea, people ain't shit. An adult dating a minor is sick and disgusting. I can't imagine an adult doing ish like this and expecting a free pass. Like it's ok for things of this nature to happen. Anyway, great show once again…….. Oh yea. Y'all didn't have to go in on the babys like that, lol!

  2. Gaby

    Here is the link for more info on the game….I still think it hits just a bit too close to home/raw/sensitive/emotional, etc., to be a theme of a video game… .http://www.selectparks.net/911survivor/911screenshots.html the students who created the game said they had other intentions, but I can totally understand why 9-11 survivors and family/friends of those who were lost in the tragedy would find it extremely offensive.

  3. Gaby

    I totally think it is wrong for a 20 year old to be with a minor…..the maturity levels are too vast and no matter what the 16 year old says, they are still a child and a 20 year old is an adult.

    I had a situation where a dude in blockbuster used to always hit on me….he looked like Johnny Depp, and was funny….until he told me that he was like 28 and thought I was 18….I was in my mid 20s at the time. Once he said he thought I was 18 and STILL was trying to hit on me, I lost all interest. Yuk!

    Also, I heard your commentary about the rape controversy in the Tomb Raider game and agree that it is not needed or appropriate. Also, do you remember during the mid-to late 1990s when there was this game they ended up pulling from the shelves where the whole point of the game was home invasion–including suggested rape, etc. ? They described it as dudes in ski masks breaking into a woman's home, etc. Soooo not cool.

    And while trying to find out more about this, I found out that they made a WTC Survivor game!! That was also pulled from the shelves because, let's face it, that ish was in some bad, bad, taste….SMDH.

    Keep up the great work on the podcast. And post more pics of food from chick fil a!! Got me thinking about banana pudding milkshakes and whatnot….sigh. 🙁

  4. Saysmyderbywife

    The 16 year statutory rape line has been upheld by the Supreme Court to protect young girls from being impregnated by older men, which gets to the creepiness of the whole problem. I'm kind of torn about this, because the last woman I dated before my wife (and the last dude she dated before me) were both 13 years our senior (we were 19 when we got together in college for the first time).

    In my case, she was getting out of a divorce, was all down on herself, we met on an internet chat room (the good ol' days! AOL BITCHES!), and I threw that flattery down hard. I brought her around my friends (word, you hooking up with this older chick? can she buy us beer? ). And she took me around a couple of her friends (one of whom I got on…another reason this is a bad idea, you get them young cats preying on old women with confidence issues). My parents eventually found out, and that shit was awkward. In my wifes case, the dude she was with had another woman on the side, who was married to another dude. This was in Florida, and he was the director of the drum line at her high school. I'll just leave it at that.

    In closing (I need to stop leaving reviews before I finish listening to the podcast), if The Official Twins of the Podcast grow up to date old people before they grown, I might give Kevin a bit more rope, but if Erika brings this dude home, he's getting buried out back underneath the pool.

  5. Dave P

    Rob and Karen, if it wasn’t for my broken IPod hard drive,Thank God I found you….

    You guys are Funny and insightful. Episode 326: Motherf#ckery was one of the funniest S@#T I heard in a while, I was trying to holding my laughter in ….

    Keep it UP

    Dave from The T-Dot

    (Toronto, Canada)

    • Dave P

      Sorry Rod not Rob……HAAAAAAAAA, thanks for reading the email Rod and Karen – Dan …….AKA Dave from the T.Dot

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