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331: Between Chris Rock and a Tosh Place

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  1. O from C

    Dazz is so right. Up here in Canada we all love to pat ourselves on the back for having no slavery. Actually there was just as much in colonial Canada as in the states except that the british abolished it before we actually became an official country. We white people need to accept history and stop pretending it doesn't matter. Whenever my people act like stuff from back then isn't applicable I ask them if they think the border is applicable because it was established just as long ago. Try crossing the border with no passport and telling those guards to get over it, that was so long ago. Fuck white bullshit.

  2. Dazz AKA @KunFuTrech

    YO! I apologize in advance, because this one is long. I listened to this episode, and then immediately went to the Hot Pod Podcast with Tye Diamond and Homophobic Cousin Kev. I can't say shit about Kev, because I hope I didn't say something just as fucked up in my voicemail. I meant well.

    The now infamous Chris Rock tweet: "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks." If fascinates me to see how some whites take things like that. The responses on twitter were HILARIOUS!! "Slavery existed for 2000yrs before America. We eradicated it in 100yrs. We now have a black POTUS. #GoFuckYourself."

    I sometimes wish I could give all white people a mandatory update for them to download into their brains. I would give them the "Louis C.K." update, because he is one of the few white people who seem to get it!! His stand up bit "Being White" is awesome. And true to the point where it almost make me cringe. I couldn't imagine how a white person would feel.

    Karen, the timing of the tweet (July 4th) fo sho played a part in how hyper-sensitive these few white people reacted. Shit like this was funny to some the same white people in the 90's. Yes, having Twitter and other forms of social media today does play it's part. Yes, there were complaints before, but now they are getting louder and more aggressive, but I feel for its for other reasons. This kind of humor is not new, and Chris Rock's comedy as well as other black and white comedians have dealt with this sort of subject matter since before acts like Richard Pryor.

    Here is my theory: Maybe it's because THANGS DONE CHANGED. Maybe, it's because we have a black president now. Maybe because you have so many blacks piercing that glass ceiling of corporate, political, academic, and financial success (etcetera). Maybe they feel, either consciously or subconsciously, that all of this is a threat to their social standing and white privilege in America, and jokes like that are no longer funny. Maybe they are paranoid of some sort of long over due comeuppance. But, maybe, I'm wrong.

  3. Miss Krysable

    Finally Larion was the first guest like this year to provide some response to "AND BULLET BALL EXXXXTREEEEMMME!" I was feening for that and was about to call and just spit a rap verse and say "AND BULLET BALL EXXTREEEMMME!" For realz.

    Speaking of intros I was gonna call in about the bullet ball extreme thing but also Kay Kay you know I love you right but when Rod was spitting that Kweli the other day yall synchrinisity was out of sorts cuz Rod was like "Man you pronounce my name" and Kay you were supposed to say "Kweli!" but you didn't and that got me flustered like if Obama had his hand ready to be bumped and Mrs. Obama was looking in the other direction patting her head cuz she was about to get another perm and doesn't want to scratch her scalp and get burned.

    Rod I caught that shade you were throwing about my comments and lack of comments in general…I hope this week gives you a nice fix but on another note I was never a soap opera chick but that Love n Hip Hop ATL……………………………….that fills my ratchetness quotient so much, its scary.

    Ok I think that's it.


    Miss Krysable

  4. YOLO the Jew


    No homo.

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