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333: Pedocoaster – The Diary Of R. Kelly

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  1. O from C

    This seems super petty after such deep and articulate comments but fuck it, head down power through: Tank Alert: don't the Globe Trotters compete against the Washington Generals, not the Washington Wizards?

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  2. Michelle

    What TOSH is doing is supporting rape culture whether he means for it to or not. It has become normal to threaten someone with rape whenever you become insulted by them because as we all know the act of rape itself is a power play and so is threatening it. If what context of what happened is right based on the club manager and the blog post, he verbally attacked that girl. And the worst part about it is that it wasn't even a joke. He made a statement. I wasn't sure if I should be more insulted that he verbally attacked that woman or that he calling that shit a joke because I have to say that I didn't crack a smile. Where the hell was the set-up? The punchline? That was some straight bullshit.

    Moving on…several little boys in my area wanted to make a "joke" about rape and what they decided to do was for 3 of them to corner this girl by herself and try to rip off her clothes while screaming at her. When they were asked why the did it, they said it was a joke. I don't find that shit funny. That girl was genuinely scared.

    The same as the person that did that blog post was scared. Even if TOSH did not mean to offend her or scare her he could have seriously put her life in danger because some people are crazy enough to follow her outside and rape her because they thought it was funny.

    Just because he has the freedom of speech doesn't mean he's not supposed to use it responsibly. The people that believe that hecklers deserve everything they get, I believe that as soon as the words leave your mouth, I have the right to judge you for it.

    Sorry for this long comment but keep doing what your doing. I love listening to your podcast.

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    • rodimusprime

      We simply just don't agree.

      1. I'm not sure why I'd accept her friend's second hand account over other people who also were there and have conflicting accounts. Especially with no video being provided of this incident it's really hard to just assume he wasn't joking. I'm familiar enough with his stand up that I give him the benefit of the doubt over one random blogger's accusation. But I'd LOVE to see some video of what happened. If you have a link please send it to me.

      2. I do think he was joking and not actually threatening her with rape. Just like when Elon James over at This Week in Blackness Radio says he'll drop kick someone in the face. I don't actually believe he's threatened this person or would actually like to see that happen. Obviously that's just a matter of opinion and maybe there are some people who really do think Elon would do those things. I also don't think this is an endorsement of violence by Elon either. If someone gets dropped kicked in the face even as a joke I wouldn't say, "Yeah Elon endorses that." Some might. But I wouldn't.

      3. I don't blame rap music for crime. I don't blame movies for Columbine. And I don't blame Tosh for some kids sexually assaulting someone. That's just matter of perspective which I'm not sure everyone will agree on.

      Thank you for writing the show and we'll respond to this on the air Saturday but wanted to put some of my thoughts in writing ahead of time.

  3. blah

    Cool! More people who claim not to like R. Kelly promoting his work. Excellent. R. Kelly wins.

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    • rodimusprime

      Is your comment about us laughing at R. Kelly drawing attention to us doing something you don't like? I mean that's what you're accusing us of right? The cycle continues.

      "Hey Herpes is terrible."

      "That's the same as promoting Herpes!"

      That logic doesn't stand to reason.

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