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340: Stupsurdity

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  1. Isaiah

    Hey Rod and Karen, this is kinda late sorry. I want to tell you that changing the way students learn black history didn't work, well at least im my case when I was going to school. We learned about Malcolm X and Stokley Carmicheal and even Angela Davis pretty early(Like 6th gradish) and most of the kids gave no fucks. In 8th We had different black history majors come in and talk about different blacks some generic like your MLKs, Fredick Douglass, Rosa Parks, some not so generic such as Huey P Newton, Fred Hampton, and Bobby Seale. Some black kids cared and mostly white kids didn't. By the time of high school, we had an assembly each year covering different topics during black history month. Music, black power, inventors, rebelling slaves. All I heard was "Why don't we have a white history month?" or "Man, this is boring" even during the black power assembly! That shit got me hyped. The black kids were mostly responsive in the music assembly. In that district, we were shown Eyes On the Prize only once so I can't imagine use getting THAT emotionally detached from it. I mean I don't know, maybe you can use a couple of defenses saying "Well they're kids", but I cared when I was a kid. Maybe most kids don't give a fuck and very few do.

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  2. C-Moe

    You said it yourself Rod most of the places we spend our money at we don't even know their political viewpoints, and while their service sucks I love Bojangles as much as you and Karen love Chick-Fil-A and Tyrese says ignorance is bliss.

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