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350: Just Stop Caring

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  1. Miss Krysable

    So yeah I was supposed to leave feedback last week about the whole homeless people being jerks thing once again been slacking so I'll do it now 🙂 Chronically homeless people meaning those people who had various episodes of homelessness for longer than a month each time for 3 years, not the people who lost their homes and jobs n whatnot because of the bad economy, come off as jerks. The vast majority have un-checked, extreme mental health issues, some self soothe/medicate with drugs and alcohol instead of or in conjunction with utilizing the healthcare system. Mental illness should be measured on a spectrum so one person's bipolar disorder or depression looks different from the next person's. People are born with innate biological tendencies for specific things and SOME of mental illness is displayed after a lot of external stressors including your family background growing up, access to resources yada yada yada. So now you have people with un-checked and un or underregualted mental health illness with tons of external life baggage yeah they're going to come off really…brash.

    So in conclusion yes chronically homeless people are assholes because of the above reasons, like the majority of my clients. I automatically rule out 10-20% of what they say as false or exaggerations and absorb outbursts in my face as regular conversation and countdown the days to when they get into a supportive housing program. BTW supportive housing programs is another reason to re-elect Obama cuz I'm pretty positive Ryan-Romney 2012 will take away funding from HUD and DHHS, the major funders of supportive housing programs, and there will be more assholic homeless people on the streets instead of in supportive housing programs.

    So if you don't want homeless people on the streets, in your face being jerks…Obama-Biden 2012.


    Miss Krysable

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