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355: Who Gets To Be A Role Model?

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  1. ANON


    ROD Chief Keef and all hos follwers they live that gang life FOR REAL…and al the young boys in Chicago LOVES his BANG BANG music!! they feel he gets a 3 million dollar deal from banging and they can too…so why goto school y follow the rules when this guy is telling exactly how simple it is to get 3 million dollars with violence laced raps! Im scared just like LUPE… they have no regard for life and aren't afraid of the Police/authority. I believe the teachers are striking right now bc they are scared/mad that they have to be in the classroom longer with these goons for scraps!!! Girls included YOU TUBE him all related videos..this is their REAL ideology on LIFE!!! In addition #300 is a gang reference. Everytime you hear that he is representing his gang. A boy was killed over the rap beef with KEEFS gang that LUPE was speaking on/about or in reference to…Keef made a LMAO refrence to the boys death ON TWITTER!! CHICAGO is CRAZY

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  2. ANON


    ROD "BEY" is simply read/said as "BEE." Your pronunciation was soooo funny!!! (DONT COME FOR ME ROD!!)

    Her "stans" made up the pet name for her and then the blogs picked it up!!! Beyonce has a whole arena of HATERS as well as FANS!!!

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  3. Chris Doyle

    Interesting show. I especially liked Rod's analysis of Seal's comments on Heidi Klum. I actually believe Seal showed some restraint because you could tell he had more to say. Like Rod, I believe this kind of stuff is personal and none of my business but it was interesting. Happy belated anniversary guys.

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