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  1. Archangyll

    I am in complete agreement. How would you feel if she showed upto the first date with a head tie and some old house clothes? I know if she hadnt been looking right Kev would have said something. And it is awkward to walk around in 5 inch heels with some dude who's shorter than you. I know there shouldn't be anything wrong with it but it just looks odd.

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  2. Fran

    very true @ Joe

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  3. Joe Spacely

    Guess somebody won't be getting the Groupon sponsorship any time soon.

    But seriously, Rod changed my mind on the subject. At first, I was on the "who does she think she is, to turn up her nose" tip about the situation. But then I thought about it – I would never do that.

    It's not just that it's tacky – the whole "she's not paying, who is she" argument is mysogynistic. If I wasn't worried about her opinion of me, I wouldn't be trying to go to some place where I need a coupon anyway. Am I taking her on the bus? What if I pay for her bus pass? What if I get my mom to drive us? Yeah, all that shit would not be done, because that will look lame. And ladies, don't feel like you'll be judged as a gold-digger, because you don't accept being discounted.

    It's been discussed that there is a way to do it – mainly by filling her in up front. But a) you've got to OWN that stance – can't half-ass dropping the coupon, all sheepish. And b) You've got to accept that there is a STRONG chance that, even if she says nothing to you, she will clown you to everyone she knows. Forever, you will be the poser fool who dropped a coupon on the first date. Even if you start dating her, she will have told that story and you will be the guy who has to change her friends and family thinking of you and hearing the "no scrubs" or "bills bills bills" music when they see you.

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