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399: Dreaming of a Black Christmas

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  1. TAYREL713

    Karen and I were laughing (well at least on the internet version of laughing) at some of these tracks when she initially asked about Christmas songs on Facebook. On the real, the last verse on that Death Row "Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto" (a track produced by Snoop, who knew) is one of my favorite verses in hip-hop. Tray Deee, who along with Goldie Loc formed Tha Eastsiderz for my west coast hip-hop historians, spit fire while everyone else on that song seemed to be on some, "well it rhymed." What I had forgotten until y'all brought up "A LaFace Family Christmas" was that Outkast's Players Ball was on that CD and is therefore a Christmas Song as well. It was just another quality episode spiced up with black Christmas jams and I thank you both for the amazing gift. Happy New Year, what are we gonna refer to 20-13 as? I fell like the two thousands have been lacking in cool nicknames like "The Nine Nickle" or "The Nine Pound".

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