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401: Black Is Unchained

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  1. Dazz

    Having KC and Chris from the Black Is Podcast was a nice treat. It's good to mix that west coast class with some down south ratchet.

    I think it's great that now we can take the historical backdrop of American Chattel slavery, have fun with it, without pussying out on showing how fucked up the institution of slavery was.

    I don't think Django Unchained was "insulting to my ancestors", I didn't think the use of the word "Nigger" was excessive given the context of the story, or anything like that. It was just as brutal as a lot of the books that I've read that depict how slavery was back then. If the movie made you feel uncomfortable in certain parts because of how whites treated people of color, GOOD, that was the point.

    Finally, a movie showing white people that like to throw this subject in black peoples faces during discussion on American slavery, YES, there were black slave owners, foreman, and all that shit, but if you think that they were treated equal to whites because their station, you really misunderstand the system of white supremacy in those days.

    And, yes, it was HILARIOUS. Some of the jokes with creative uses of the word 'Nigger' ("Hercules" + "Nigger"="Nigger-cules") made me laugh so hard I was in pain, but I had to catch my anger when the white people next to me were laughing even harder. That scene with the white people in the masks…NIGGA!!! My theater audience was in here ROLLING, white, black, whatever….."Nothing's wrong if it's funny", right????

    The action, dialog, and performances, Django is great as a film, but even better as a conversation starter. The issue of race in America still is hard to talk about, but, this movie seems to bring in all audiences. Looks like a pretty good opportunity to talk about slavery.

    I thought ( and kind of hoped at first) it would piss off all white people, but only Fox News and Spike Lee seem to be bitching, and who takes them seriously anymore?

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  2. Russ

    Tyler Perry just fuckin FLOORED me. My homies new girl suggests we (me him and my wife) watch For Colored Girls cuz me and my dude "could learn something". I prepared myself for the rape sceen yall hinted at but fuck man… When Ricky from barber shop dropped them kids I said "okay Im done". Niggas got shitted on so hard dude. Who got some action after a date to see this shit. I already dont fuck with Tyler but I will never… I feel Spike about him. Goin to see DJango tomorrow though niggaaaaa

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