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403: 100 Bottles Of Sperm On The Wall

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  1. ANON


    Hey ROD/Karen,

    This has nothing to do with the podcast and everything to do w/the 40 acres podcast you were a guest on. I wanted to write a post on the lady remaking ratchett music. Phillip Phillips(country singer from LA-Louisiana) got on and won American Idol by remaking black songs. He got on the show by remixing/remaking Thiller and he also has remade songs by Lil Wayne and other black artists. This has become the new way to "get on." So be prepared to see country ratchett remixes galore!!!!

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  2. Clout2k

    One more thing, ya'll partying of that Young Turks clip was comedy gold. I've been listening to them for awhile and you could probably take anyone of their entertainment segment clips and find the same level of comedy. For example there was one clip where the host told a story about how he got a blowjob in public by some random woman in Florida oh Florida, the story was funny, but the reactions of horror from his crew was hilarious.

    But just don't blame them for being willing to suck dick for money, they are from California (stereotypes are fun).

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  3. jprojectz

    THANK YOU ROD!!!thank u for callin out dat nigga wiz! he is straight trash!! horrible!!he dont talk about SHIT but gettin high, blunts n shit. n its not even clever!! dis chick i know love him!she fucks wit childish so i figure "ok i'll check him out". not one time did i say "oooooo shit". not once on wut she claimed was his best work.TRASH!(but to b fair i did skip like 3 in a row looking for sumem i didnt JUST HEAR). n at least niggas like waka flocka, meek mills or Gucci got hot beats to draw attention away from dey wack rhymes.this nigga Wiz tho smh…

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  4. Clout2k

    I have to agree with the critique of the Wii U. I knew long ago that due to my wife's love of Super Mario, I would have to buy the next bullshit console Nintendo came out with. If you ever looked at the New Super Mario U its got the same exact graphics quality, why couldn't this shit just be on the Wii. SMH.

    Also I got a theory on how I think Xbox killed the social interaction market. I think it is simply because all of their systems came with microphones by default. With PS3 you had to have your own headset or Bluetooth so no new gamers came in and immediately was immersed in the community. With that subscription service Microsoft had the revenue to put money back into distancing the gap with console exclusive game content, but I think it started with just that piece of shit flimsy ass Xbox starter mic.

    In closing (On your Halo Guns point) what if someone gave master chief them guns from fifth element, everybody want to push that Red Button.

    Hope ya'll have a good new years eve, I think this marks my first full year of fucking with the podcast and I gotta say my life is better for it, real talk.


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