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405: Grow Some Balls

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  1. Dazz

    Sorry, but I gotta bring this back up: The scientific fact that us all being the same race/species and the social construct of racism still existing is totally a thing. There are anthropologists who write legislators all the time begging them to change the language within certain laws to reflect this.

    Maybe it was the way the dude wrote that comment that pissed you guys off. But this reminds me of a conversation we had.

    I used to go to church with mostly all white people (Southern republicans. god love 'em. ) and we had discussions (read: arguments) about race all the time. "The curse of Ham". "American Slavery wasn't that bad" "We shouldn't teach black history in schools" "Jesus' skin color isn't all that important…but he was white."
    In my adult life, I got this preacher to sit down with me and be honest with me, let his guard down for a minute, because with them it's always the "Now, I'm not racist, but…" and then saying some borderline racist shit, and we weren't supposed to call them on it.
    We talked race and how it's affect us both growing up. He was about 50. He admitted to me he found proof of his uncle being in the KKK, how he and his family felt about integration and the civil rights movement, and older family members that he has that still to this day don't believe blacks have souls. They're just "animals who know how to mimic human behavior".

    That's when I told him "Well, that's funny because scientists tell us that there just are not enough genetic variants between humans to consider us different "races". It would be like saying we are different species. If me, and your daughter Brittany had kids, they would be considered "viable offspring". Animals of different species can't do that."

    I think that was the last time I've been to that church, or any other for that matter. The look on his face was worth it.

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