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416: Getting Technical With The Grand Duchess

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  1. Archangyll

    This was an especially hard show to listen to. I’ve often struggled with feelings of guilt for not being more sympathetic when White children who have been killed are featured more prominently in the news than Black children. I feel empathy for anyone who has lost a loved one, however it’s hard to stay that way when the newspapers have a front page spread and endless News stations cover the tragedy of lost White lives, and the other minorities are a footnote in the middle of the paper somewhere. Black males are especially painted with the same brush. The first questions about any deaths of Black male teenagers in Toronto are whether they had any gang affiliations? Did they sell drugs? And were they troublemakers at school or in their communities? None of these questions are ever asked about white teens who have been killed. It’s like it is a test to see whether we can feel sorry that they’re gone or be glad that they’re not here anymore.

    Most of the deaths of Black people in Toronto go unsolved, I’m sure it’s like that in most cities. The authorities often blame it on the witnesses not being cooperative with the police, and the murders continue because the Black community shelters these people, sometimes not on purpose; but because they are either afraid for themselves and their families. Not everyone has the means to get up and leave their communities. Or they don’t like or trust the police because of previous altercations with them. It’s a double edged sword really for Black communities. Thank you for covering this topic, it helped me come to terms with a few of the feelings I had.

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  2. Joe

    Rod, Karen you made me cry in this episode talking about Hadiya Pendleton. The Gun Control debate is a complex issue and there can be solutions to it but it has to be nationwide and it wont be from one day to the next. Any state that has a gun ban or great gun regulations has a gun problem because the state next to it does not have any gun regulations. I have been saying the US needs to have better gun regulations for years ever since I became an Officer but it cant be from state to state. If you look at Mexico they have a nationwide gun ban but they have so much gun violence because most of the guns found in Mexico could be traced back to the US. We have a special unit that targets guns and money traveling south into Mexico so it is a real problem. AZ has some of the most lax gun laws in the whole country it is scary.

    When you say there is no hope i can see where your coming from but I have to believe there is. Change has to start with the millions of people that dont own guns and all the victims of violence to spread the word. One person on twitter basically told me 20 dead kids equals shit happens and it is the price we pay for our right to own guns, fuck that guy. These people are the loudest and over shadow the voices of the victims and that has to stop for there to be any progress. Things have to change and like I said it has to be nationwide. Anyway I'm rambling and would just like to say there is hope but I have to admit the outlook is bleak.

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  3. Shannon

    I love your show!! And this one really choked me up when you talked about the violence in Chicago. It choked me up because I feel so helpless. What is the answer??? It makes me so upset. I have a 2 year old little girl and I'm just worried for the kind of childhood she will have. I live in Gilbert, AZ (a really good neighborhood), but how will she feel about her culture? What message will she receive about how we treat Black and Brown people??? I listen to TWIB and try to stay socially conscious and I'm just waiting to hear what I can do….I think we all are.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!! You make my workday speed by. You have turned me on to soo many different podcasts as well (Fiyastarter, Keith & the Girl, TWIB, Insanity Report, Mr. Moody, etc) Thank you for all that you do and all of your hard work.

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  4. jprojectz

    yo, dis episode is one that perfecctly displays y i love this show. awesome guest, sum serious shit(which btw i totally agree wit u,we've lost that city. its sad, but its a wrap) followed by ratchet fun wit guess the race. no other show ive come across blends those 3 things so perfectly. anyhoo, how would yall feel about a monthly tech segment ft. the grand duchess? i know she busy doin royal shit n wutnot but. its an idea…

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    • M.A. Baptist

      I love this show, it is the best. Rod, brother you spoke so much truth that you were not the only in tears.

      ps. Karen please stop talking sexy, I'm at work and it is very distracting.

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