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423: Insecurity Alarm

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  1. Charles S.

    What's good Rod and Karen?

    In reference to Spike Lee hate, I think a lot of the sentiment is that we like Spike. I would think directing would be less of something that you could be past your prime in and more of an I just ain't pushing hard enough for, thing. I'm positive most would enjoy another well thought out Spike flick. All the average person sees of Spike is I hate Tyler Perry, who is making way more movies than I, and I hate Quentin Tarantino, who is attacking racist topics with more recent sucess. He couldn't have made the movies he made being less talented and confident. As of late I believe this more to be arrogance against those that have not proved themselves to him. Because it does seem like he may have othered a lot of black people in his pursuit to create his vision. A few actors including Clifton Powell spoke against Spike and his mistreatment of black actors other than his select group of favorites. He would make them come out of pocket for auditions where Tyler Perry would cover at least some of the expenses. As predictable as his movies may be an actor usually isn't going to pass up on a chance to get there name out there in a less taxing manner. I feel like Spike has now directed his distain towards Django… Did I mention this is for my MANDITORY Black History Assignment?! Any how Spike doesn't strike me as the type of person to go out of his way to help out black folk who ain't in his fav five. Django just seems like another brother who was Cubian B'd ,see Half-Baked and Hot Fiya Pod, in a line of negros to be overlooked. Just like the illustrious Chris Lamberth.

    Charles S.

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  2. jprojectz

    Yo, I feel yall on likin da remakes. I love em. The amazing spiderman was dope as fuck. Xmen first class is dope as fuck.i am sure superman will b dope as fuck. Honestly, I would not b mad if dey redid a movie every 5 years wit da way technology is goin HAM! Cuz u really need morea that tech to fully realize ANY superhero movie. Also, no one gets up in arms bout captain America or thor or even the hulk. Cuz all three of dem niggas had feature length films in like da 80's or early 90's. dem shits was a waste of film tho.

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