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424: Shut That N*gger Baby Up

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  1. Dangalf tha Grey

    Ay yo! Great episode! I just wanted to note that, that dude at the gas station that Rod spam blocked. He was a J-Dub. (that's my slang for Jehova's Witness) As soon as you said he had an "Awake" pamphlet, I automatically knew and I thought to myself, "Damn! J-dubs are hittin gas stations now!?" I was raised a Jehova's Witness, and my parents still believe in it, but I'm not really into all that religion hullabaloo. But yeah, good spam block, Ima have to try it out myself.

    Oh yea and Nic Ju's white girl voice had me DYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Charles S.

      What's good Rod and Karen? With the whole airplane thing, Atlanta is a transfer station. Approximately, 3/4's of the people that come through the airport are going somewhere else. And white people outnumber black air passengers about 4 to 1. As for the N*gger Baby Slapper… Eh he could have said anything else, but his old man F*ck It I'm Racist kicked in. So long employment. Hello Black History Month.

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