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  1. Scoob_aka_Mr_Aggy

    Hey Rod & Karen. Right now hands down this is the best podcast out. I’ve been listening for about two weeks now and TBGWT is almost my 1st listen. Yall keep me informed and damn near busting a gut from laughing.
    Keep it up yall…and Glenn should still be dead lol

  2. Wlfgirl

    Just wanted to say that I LOVE TBGWT!!!! I always enjoy listening to you Rod and Karen 🙂 Keep doing what you are doing and I wish you both a fabulous day, week, month, & year!

  3. Slaggyt

    Hey Rod and Karen love the show . I used to listen to a bunch of different podcasts daily but now it’s only Tbgwt . Black man in these streets out in toronto canada listening for more than 2 years Atleast finally checking the site. Wife
    Overs the show also and even the kids love to sing guess the race .

  4. chrisbrakeshow

    Just came across your show, I’m enjoying it. Keep rockin!


  5. cowboyzfan2002

    Im trying to get into the chat room so I can play the games. How do I get in?

  6. Sheldon isàac

    Hello rod and carren I listen to your show with Amber p and I have to say she is a very beautiful woman you guys are awsom

  7. ed

    Hey Rod and Karen is Itunes hatin’ on ya’ll? Cuz your new eps. arent showing up!
    The world need this ratchet!

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    • rodimusprime

      The shows are up on iTunes. I checked.

  8. Bubba Gray

    Rod and Karen yall make my day i listen to ur podcasts when im at work i laugh so hard that white people think im laughing at them in some ways i am lol KEEP ON DOING YALL’S THING JUST SENDING SOME KY LOVE UR WAY DEUCES!!AND GO SYRACUSE ORAnge!!!

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  9. Marcus

    You all are hysterical. I just started listening and have recommended you to coworkers in Michigan. Appreciate the humor and the intellect behind it. Keep up the good work.

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