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469: TBGWT Premium

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  1. HC

    When I first heard Rod talk about premium content, I was outraged. Outraged, I say! How can Rod have the audacity to charge for content when he hasn’t even won a Tippy? Now Karen can make demands, she has Tippy credibility in these streets. She’s the box office draw. I mean, there’s a reason Will Smith carries the blockbuster Memorial Day movies and not Tyler Perry. THEN I heard this week’s podcasts and I heard a Rod that was on top of his game! The texting commercial idea was good stuff. Plus Karen seems to be getting a bit lazy with success. How can you announce the beginning of a food podcast then in the same show immediately turn your nose up at the thought of frying up some cicadas? I sense a lack of dedication, madam…if you don’t test to see if they’re lip smacking good, how will WE know? For shame. With these new revelations, I humbly ask for my position back as head of the Get Rod A Tippy Committee. By signing up for this premium content, we can not only keep the flies off Rod’s face, but have his awards shelf overflowing.

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