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490: We Are All One!


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Rod and Karen are joined by Lauren and Chemda to discuss Pride Month, LGBTQ labels, Lauren’s play, Chemda doing stand up, 50 year old men with remote control airplanes, the coolest pope ever, clone babies, Netflix gets even better, husband selling a ring, fight at a kindergarten graduation, mom catches a predator with Facebook and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. da_ticklah

    my name id da_ticklah and I’m not a pedophile

    I have just shy of $1500 worth of Remote control cars in my house and had it not been for the financial, emotional and time suck that are children, I would have made the transition into airplanes by now.

    That ~$1500 is 3 remote control cars 2 fuel powered ones and one battery powered one

    In short if you have dreams or aspirations wrap it up boys and girls, these lil niggas give no fucks about your dreams

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