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497: Forgiving Paula Deen

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Rod and Karen are joined by Tye Diamond to discuss offensive KFC ad, video game jealousy, tattoo, forgiving Paula Deen, stabbed over chicken, Karry D Wesley turns the lights off, teen shoots self in leg, college student hides a 13 year old girl, man kills lamb and cane sword is turned on its owner.

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  1. Nic Ju

    I was just trying to help, young. I also said that I didn’t know how it was in Charlotte. Out here a lot of the shops are busy and most of the artists have a long wait. I also have never been able to pop into a shop in the middle of the day because I’m not a white housewife.

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  2. Miss Krysable

    I didn’t know it was Lightskinned Awareness Month Everybody (L.A.M.E.)! Had to put on my sunglasses just to watch the podcast! In that case let me nominate the president of the United States Of Lightskinned Americans aka Lightskinned American Men Everywhere Son (L.A.M.E.S)…YES Cory B! Cory Booker that is, by the way…”Cory” is such a lightskinned Negro of a name. But yeah fell in love with some Cory Booker, like most Americans we thought he was an Obama wanna be (BTW I don’t think POTUS/PILF could pass the brown paper bag test). But truth be told, Cory about that life! He over there sleeping in the hood, living off of food stamps, jumping up in burning buildings to save babies, trying to get some legal guap for Newark despite progressive haters!

    It might seem opportunistic and pompous and classist at first but the way he speaks, he just sounds so passionate and altruistic and he looks so cute speaking all bright eyed and bushy tailed it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy all over 😉 *wink wink* can’t help it, altruism and grown men who still bout that boy scout life does it to me each.and.ev.er.y.time!

    And on top of that (Shout out to Karen) he’s active on twitter so he can find babies to save and what not thats why the people love him and will cut him down to size if necessary. I would say hood pass for life but since he’s a light skinned Ivy Leagued Negro we’ll say hood pass for 5 years with the option for express renewal for the following 3 years). You wanna know something else about Cory Booker T Washington… he’s one of my few followers, even his presumed ego stroked/thirst follows is really friggin adorable!

    He’s like a superhero-ILF and my ex knows my preference is someone of a darker hue. FYI my BD is soo lightskinned he said the Wii avatar I made for him made him look like a Mexican…and that was me being generous.

    Hard Cory Core makes me want to drive down to the moderately hoodiest part of Newark, tear up my sundress some, pour a bottle of Hennessey all over my body and scream “Help me Bright Man” while flashing a plain old flashlight in the sky. Yes Bright Man is so light that his calling signal is simply a flashlight beam.

    Aw that man is soo adorable EAT HIM ALL UP *num num num*. And he’s single I think, sista’s lets get on it, especially homegirls like L Joy Williams go get em! Rodren I know you’re down with the tomorrow baby takeover, but I’m rooting for the Black girls with this one and yes his lightskinned hue will produce racially ambiguous brown babies so that kinda counts for a Kim-Ye-esque tomorrow baby.

    So with that said I conclude my nomination for Cory Booker aka Hard Cory aka Cory Booker T for Lightskinned Awareness Month Everybody. *Birdman rub* Shout out to Leonardo Hermanos another Mexican looking brother which is why I translated his name in Spanish.


    Miss Krysable

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