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498: The Impossible White Manifesto


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Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss to discuss Kate Upton’s boobs, movie critics, the rules to Impossible White Man Movies, Twinky’s are back, Exodus International closes up shop, shot over Lebrons, Charles Ramsey, mushrooms cause bad trip, Bronx teacher rights rap apology, wheelchair hammer man, a bad flirt and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    Wait, niggas were saying Kate Upton is fat? I mean, she’s not my type, but looking at that picture, all that crossed my mind were the eloquent words of Mad Real World’s Tron: “Katie has some big ass tittayes!”

    As far as the secret creep club, sign me up. I mean, women know you’re looking. If you creep quietly and respectfully, it’s appreciated. And if you earn a reputation for being able to stay quiet about things, you might get more than just mere appreciation. Trust, dudes that know how to keep their mouths shut are out here winning.

    A question on impossible white man movies…did Rod perfect his impossible white man radar from growing up watching impossible white tv programming like Dukes of Hazzard? Because I grew up watching the A Team and I would get the same feel then that I do now when I see impossible white man things go down on the big screen.

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  2. professlch

    That Ramsey clip?

    Listen: if you were ever confused about the propaganda and “pay-to-play” nature of “news” these days, you should be convinced now that what you see reported and HOW it’s reported is NOT neutral and, therefore, not trustworthy. “Reported as a hero” (which BOTH of those brainless hacks repeated)? “Rock star?” “Riding his fame?” “Las Vegas?” Are you friggin’ kidding me? Digging that Kriss immediately noted and jumped on it: “IS A HERO.” These low-rent fame whores parading as respectable journalists are also what’s wrong with the U.S. As far as I’m concerned, they indicate absolutely — and as accurately as $100.00 Twinkies — why America is on the decline.

    Not that I have an opinion or anything about ’em. ;o)

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