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SMR 8: Man Of Steel


Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon to discuss the movie Man Of Steel

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    No other film in the last two years has caused me to change my mind as Man of Steel has. When I initially saw it in theaters on opening night, I came into it with huge expectations, thinking I was going to see something that was suppose to be unlike anything I’ve seen before; at least, that how the TV spots felt, anyway.

    From June 13th to October 6th, 2013, I went from despising it to loving it. When I saw it the first time, I read a lot of reviews, which were irrationally negative, at best complaining about noise, “too much action” & of course, the all-timer: “Too much destruction”. A lot of the complaints were asinine, because, it’s a freakin’ action movie, it’s going to be filled with that stuff. Since then, I don’t read or listen to movie reviews of any genre until after I’ve seen a movie. I merely do that to have a clear head before going into a movie.

    Man of Steel is a example of never allowing expectations to get the better of anyone, because anticipation can cloud one’s opinion by telling anyone anything. It’s why I avoid spoilers all the time. Anyone that says that this isn’t the Superman film that no one asked, is so trippin’. Some say Superman Returns is better than this, and I disagree. That movie was nothing more than a Ode to Richard Donner’s first two films. Films that were corny & dull, at best. We got five interpretations of those movies & it was about time people got a change of pace..

    Anyway, I’m highly confident that Zack Snyder and company are going to knock Batman v. Superman out of the park with ease. Nerd hate is going to be there, but who cares. Wish I wrote this sooner, but I felt I needed to express this.

  2. Nic Ju

    I finally saw this and was able to listen to my first SMR because I never get to see movies. The original Lois Lane was played by Margo Kidder. I usually love Amy Adams, this was the first time I didn’t like her in a film. I found her to be oatmeal on the side of a gorgeous, stunning, captivating Henry Cavill. I loved the rest of the casting though. I did find the Jesus parallels a little heavy handed. I am a sucker for a good origin story and this one was (although not Batman) pretty freakin good. I tend to shy away from heavy action movies, but there was so much character driven material and good acting that I was excited for the fight scenes. I’m looking forward to the sequel for two reasons…Lex Luthor and Jimmy Olsen. This made me want to go back and watch Smallville, which I skipped because i’m not really into Superman. Overall, loved the movie, great review.

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  3. professlch

    It took me a while to see it and I had to completely avoid this premium show’s content, as I knew I dare NOT listen and be hurt because I was spoiled. So, I waited and figured the 4th of July would be PERFECT. So, I got my 9:30 a.m. ticket, grabbed my 3D glasses, and positioned myself in a prime seat in a nearly empty theater.

    After the movie, I nearly sped all the way home to listen to what you had to say, lol! I’m so glad that I finally saw it; I LOVED it and was THRILLED throughout. Seriously: those scenes and story on Krypton?! C’mon. Saving the race? Sending your son into space because your man said so? A coup d’ etat? Those embroyonic pre-Kryptonians growing? The floating ‘bots? Downloading DNA into baby Kal-El? All of that on his home planet ALONE sent me. The rest of the movie and #DemFights nearly KILLED me. Sooooo good!

    Alas: I’d have to take a star away, as by the end of the movie, I wish I’d walked out on each and every Lois Lane scene. Her nothingness treated like it was hotness turned my stomach. I COULD NOT STAND HER. She, single-handedly, caused me to start rooting for General Zod and Faora, my new, favorite villains who BEAST.

    Also in that “minus 1” star? Shout-out for the utter lack of useful adult Af-Am women (and by “useful?” I don’t mean the anonymous villagers [where was that: an African nation? A Caribbean island?] OR two scared-as-sheep, “Thank Yew Vurry Kindlee, Mista Whitefolks Supermanz” in the street and crowd at the end, smh.) Shout-out also for the ONE predictably \technically-literate (shocker) Asian, a woman who got that “less than 5 lines” paycheck and an auspicious gigantic bang.

    At any rate, I LOVED this movie and sooo want to see it in a private screening where I can LOSE it without concern, as there were times I wanted to holler, hoot, fist-pump, and hit my Dougie, lol.

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