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SMR 13: The Wolverine


Rod is joined by Karen and comedians Elon James White and J-L Cauvin to discuss The Wolverine.

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  1. cradicus

    At one point Karen said that Wolverine should have fought the bear at the start of the movie and Rod said that that part was from the original comic, and while it definitely was, even in the comic Wolverine had to fight that goddamn bear a little bit before he put it out of its misery. That whole thing summed up my problem with The Wolverine, I’m not using my MoviePass to see Wolverine NOT fight.

    On the other hand I sort of wonder if my attachment to Wolverine is blinding me from a decent movie, the same as people who are really wrapped up in Superman saving kittens from trees or whatever? Nah, probably not.

  2. NatashaP

    I’m glad you guys reviewed this movie. Elon is magical when he’s angry.

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