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534: Prince (Yahshua) Carter And The Leaning Tower Of Penis


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Rod and Karen discuss the 25 smartest women on Twitter list, not finding midgets or disabilities funny, 6 signs your relationship is on the rocks, Facebook friends drop your credit, Christian swingers, Prince Yahshua, horsepocalypse, male victims of military sexual assault, thrill killing, paralyzed after picked up at a bar, Messiah, scare tactics with drugs, SVU messing with black people, N-word in Philly, selling stolen stuff on Facebook, pizza delivery guy shoots robber, tampon domestic violence, Kaitlyn Hunt, woman dislocates jaw on burger and sword ratchetness.

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  1. da_ticklah

    Man fuck them Christians; they only releasing that story about swinging Christians because Football season is about to start. I will not let you motherfuckers ruin my football season. This shit is a trap, I’m keeping my Sunday mornings and my $.thank you

  2. KungFuTreachery

    First of all, SIR, I have credit rating of 723 (ladies…) And is Yashua in that pic with the chick who broke his dick? That would be FUCKED up.

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