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542: “Breaking News”


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Rod and Karen discuss Twitter jail, booby grabbing in the bed, live local webcam women, Clowney, post mad bitches, breaking news, haters, Syria, Anthony Weiner, Femen controlled by a man, porn moratorium, Zimmerman’s wife files for divorce, little kids pole dancing, Nazi town planned in DE, white greeters only at a church, making the perfect wife, trying to kill an 8 year old, teens save hot woman and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Justin "not a P" (don't get it twisted)

    About little girls on the stripper pole: WE NEED MORE OF THIS! But first we needs an NPDA( National Pole-Dancing Association)! We get em into Pee-Wee pole-dancing and allow these young Chardonnays and Destinys to spend their whole life perfecting their craft. We should get it in the Olympics too! But only over 21 for the Olympics. The TV ratings-#stupendous!! Lets get on it people!!!

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