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545: Big Momma’s House


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Rod and Karen are joined by KC and Chris from the Black Is Podcast to discuss teachers, kids, parents, Chris Smith, hearing conversations in public, black children need to know the struggle, the blitz box, Seattle libraries allow porn, porn for women, Cyrus over Syria, Zimmerman, Mr. Cee, Weiner’s big night, Ghetto fabulous yoga, no locks at school, father of 27 kids, tongue taunter, sex offender doing the lord’s work, assault and chicken battery, Ranger Rover humper and sword ratchetness.

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  1. chefboyardu

    My favorite part of every episode is when Rod realizes that an article takes place in Florida. “(insert Floridian city or county)…? Wait a minute. Is this… Gotdammit, this is Florida. OH, FLORIDA!!!!!”

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