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576: What’s For Dinner?


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Rod and Karen are joined by Clove and Sherley of the Chonilla Podcast to discuss going premium, getting healthy by working at home, people kissing on the street, Netflix wants to debut big movies, Ja Rule wants to make a cookbook, Chris Brown, Russia’s amphibious rifle, Gun Range Suicides, insects gay sex, dementia sex, unpaid interns can be sexually harassed, man fired for helping woman, crack t-shirt, black face fashion party, penis shaking bandit, Facebook death threats, fake cops busted by real cops, man shoots wife over dinner and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Dazzmond

    Clove hit the nail on the head: Drake is not aggressive. Drake is soft, yes we all know that. But, I could never really put my finger on it.

    When he dropped “Started From The Bottom” I thought this might be an album I want to buy. But, then when that nigga dropped “Just Hold On”….this nigga sound like a house cat in heat when he sings. That “Marvin’s Room” shit has always been the track that signaled that he may NEVER be an artist that I could be into, but, I just keep hope for some reason that the nigga can make a album that I might actually enjoy wanna buy.

  2. Anthony

    In podcast 576 you mentioned how you see the work other podcasters do and I have to take a moment to tell you I see the work you both do on this podcast. I listen to many other podcasts and I have to tell you I am spoiled by TBGWT. I’ve listened for probably a little over 6 months now and at first I didn’t appreciate the quality of the show but I’ve expanded my podcasts and these folks out here just not up to the same level of quality.
    Keep up the good work!

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