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578: Feminism


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Rod and Karen are joined by Chill and Owen of the Taste Like Fried Chicken Podcast to discuss Lebron, open mic comics and angry bloggers, misery is happiness for some people and feminism. No I mean like for an hour. Just… feminism.

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  1. Mitchell

    this is my favorite episode… but i feel so bad for chill that she is a “feminist” denial and does not answers all of Rod’s questions and does the opposite things. so i get what everyone was saying and for me as Karen say “everybody has their own definition of what feminist is” so for me my definition of feminist is i have all respect for women.. and i certainly do have being faithful to women and never hurt a woman. and i would certainly give women their rights and treat all women equally and i hope we can all agree that every women should have same rights and have thier own rights as well and to be consider equal.

  2. Dazzmond

    When it comes to podacasting, Rod and Karen make shit look easy. Here you have four articulate, intelligent podcasters, engaging in debate about a subject that all four are knowledgeable and passionate about.
    Now, a lot podcasts with several speakers can get a little hairy sometimes because people have the tendency to talk over one another. I think it’s just natural. But good hosts know how to rein their guest when people have a tendency to go on for too long on a subject. Or when asserting that they (the host/s) are being talked over. Or, that their questions are not being acknowledged, they know how to address it without losing their tempers and being disrespectful their guest.

    But, being that they are all friends, they know how to walk away from heated debate and still be cool. Not enough people know how to do that, me included.

    And I get that Chill has a disconnect from the term “feminist”. The movement is a response to typically (white) men holding more power than women. There has been mistakes made in trying to correct the imbalance. But, why throw the baby out with that bath water??
    There have been mistakes made along the path of fighting for Civil Rights. And there always will be, in any movement. There are humans are involved. People will fuck up and will disappoint you. But feminism is STILL needed, by ANY name.

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