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582: Dick Or Treat


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Brandi to discuss stand up, internet interaction, arguing with friends, Rob Ford did smoke the crack, Johnathan Martin, Roots remake, man jumps out car, Sriracha factory stays open, Don Lemon on stop and frisk, KKK costume, woman jewelry robber, dick or treat, second hand needles for students, fake hate crime, dog collar on child and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Princeleron

    I have two major problems with this story. Firstly, I’m amazed when it is deemed appropriate for a black men to be savages. If Martin would have beat the brakes off of Incognito everyone would consider him aggressive and oversensitive. He was in a no win situation from the jump.

    Secondly, I listened Michael Smith saying that Martin went out like a sucka. He said “If anywhere was to cross the line with me in any way, we would have to throw hands.” I don’t want to judge Smith because I’m not fighting Hugh Douglas either. At the same time, how could he not empathize with Martin at all.

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