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SMR 18: Thor: The Dark World

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Rod is joined by Karen and Kriss to discuss Thor: The Dark World.


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    Dark World kinda aged well with how Thor’s journey took place in Endgame but it didn’t because this film has a sizeable identity crisis. Besides Hemsworth, Hiddleston, Portman, Dennings, Rene Russo & Hopkins giving decent to good performances, it all goes to shit because the Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith is just a walking macguffin going towards the next film with the Ether gem. People once again need to apologize to Iron Man 3. FWIW Thor 2 watchable & has its moments but it clearly was Marvel’s lowest moment, in terms of structure. Then again, you know if DC films had better leadership & consistently good movies, they would kill to have something as decidedly mediocre as Thor 2 was. Marvel Studios worst movie is literally mediocre. What a stellar standard they’ve set. Studios would kill for that reputation.

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