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595: Fast Tailed Girls

little black girl

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Rod and Karen are joined by Kevin of Movietrailerreviews.net to discuss Black Friday vs White Friday, #FastTailedGirls, Paul Walker is dead, Obama accused of killing baby mama, black Friday shop lifting, 51% of women forget birth control at Christmas, bus driver fired, Wu-Tang Killa, Miley Cyrus, White Supremacist finds out he’s part black, pants off arsonist, waitress fired for snitching, 2 Drunk 2 Drive, NYC clerk steals from lotto winner, jealous wife has a bat and sword ratchetness

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  1. Princeleron

    Rod is 100% correct that sex itself is scary enough. Most guys don’t admit that before your first time, the fear of the pussy is real. My first time was similar to H2O kev’s. I was alone with a chick and she decided that some sex was going to happen that day. That had to be the case because at that time I didn’t have the confidence to initiate the process or the wherewithal to understand that that was a good situation to try something.

  2. roshistarpupil

    Man, this has to be one of my favorite episodes for two reasons. Number one: H20Kev’s impersonations had me dying. His Uncle Ruckus was dead on. Number two: The story about the lady who ram her car into her husband’s lover and hitting her with a bat, I actually saw that on tv awhile ago. Being a local Minnesotan, those crazy stories tend to not happen a lot. Idk if I should be proud or disgusted that my state was on “Guess the Race” Oh well…

  3. dustdaughter

    Re: #FastTailedGirls and “fixing themselves” – It seems like telling repressed women to ‘fix themselves’ is easy to say and very hard to do. These women didn’t didn’t become repressed by themselves, so I don’t see how they’d be able to fix it on their own. Sure, there’s therapy but eventually these women will need a willing and patient partner (or partners) that will help provide a safe place for them to explore. I think Karen said as much on the show.

    I’m glad that you talked about this on the show. I wish there were more women on this episode to discuss this further, although it was interesting to hear a man’s perspective on dealing with a repressed woman.

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