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598: Tomlin Did It On Purpose


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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Chris Lamberth host of the Mundane Festival podcast to discuss seeing Chris in Raleigh, Spike Lee, Peyton Manning, Mike Tomlin, 10 bad habits for bachelors, women getting guns, Rob Ford, guilt free lap dances, Taco John, sex scene in kid’s movie, train engineer falls asleep, slave occupation, shot over Auburn game, argument over dinnerware, topless avenger, UPS man getting it in and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kevin

    Honestly why didnt they just suspend him instead of taking draft picks? Maybe the league wants to hurt the steelers less…chances are they’d draft a lineman who couldnt block anyways.

  2. HC

    Chris Lamberth has been on so many times recently, he might have to officially take Justin’s old place as cohost. Especially now that Justin is too good for the regular show now and only does premium shows. More Lamberth is fine with me, as long as he doesn’t forget about the racist chat room when he and Chris Hardwick become Hollywood stars.

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