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602: Rest In Peace Tao Hsiao

Shopping with Your Girlfriend or Wife...

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Rod and Karen discuss #AskRKelly, the Obamas at a Mandela’s funeral, tips for Jesus guy found out, NSA can look at XBox Live, Ian McKellen can’t go to Russia, Butt Slapping epidemic, Tila Tequila loves Nazis, NSA spies on radicals porn use, gay waitress scam artist fired, BP CFO fired for rocking a dashiki to work, woman sets ex-boyfriend’s door on fire, drunk man tries to fight cops, boyfriend jumps to death, cops don’t do sarcasm, ratchet hatchet man and sword ratchetness.



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  1. HC

    I tip my 40 to your memory, Tao. Any guy that’s gone shopping with his girl can tell what happened from the context clues. First, no guy flips out if his woman says “one more store” the first time. My nigga Tao heard that “one more store” line like 8 times, and he was fed up. Second, when he rightfully protested, she called him names and said he ruined Christmas? She was buying shoes for herself, not gifts for others! Tao leaping off the balcony as if Joe Clark was yelling at him to jump reminds us all of the reason for the season.

  2. ChuckSpears

    Sorry, I Know it’s hacky but…R. Kelly reads well enough to do a Q and A on twitter, now?

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