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607: A What’s The Tea Party


Rod and Karen are joined by Nicole and Reggie from The What’s The Tea Podcast to discuss company holiday parties, actor’s bodies, Fantasy football, Cowboys in December, Facebook ads, Drake disses Kendrick, Target not selling Beyonce, Geeta Dayal, student suspended for a hug, Zimmerman’s painting over 100K, trading a gator for beer, booby trapping ex-boyfriend, librarian secretly records dudes in the bathroom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    Happy TBGWT Beyonce week, Rod & Karen. I must say I’m confused by the amount of hate she generates. She’s not necessarily for me musically. I personally have never bought one of those 5 #1 albums. I’ll definitely watch a performance, like the Super Bowl halftime show. But the reason I’ll never have a problem with Beyonce? The way she has black women partying! I enjoy seeing happy black women, whether they’re gliding on air after leaving the hair salon, or after getting a massage (sidenote, patiently waiting on Karen’s next massage story). Anyway, a major Beyonce event is like an extended high for black women all over, and I love watching it even though its not for me.
    It’s kinda like football for me. I have a female friend that doesn’t watch football at all. But she knows I’m a devoted Green Bay Packer fan, and she saw the pure joy in my soul after that comeback against the hated Cowboys (shout out to Nicole). After that last Romo interception I let out the male equivalent of YAAASSSS BITCH! That moment of my partying would have been the absolute worst moment for my friend to stand up and tell everyone how she doesn’t like football. Same with Beyonce. Stop with the self-important statements about why you don’t like Beyonce and the overanalyzing blog posts. Let these women party!

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