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608: Holi-Bey


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Rod and Karen discuss the latest Beyonce “think piece”, Beyonce’s record setting 5th number one studio album, Santa quits the mall, Shia LaBeouf plagiarizing, Erica Campbell too sexy for God, no kids in the street, Mariah Carey performs in Nigeria, Stacey Dash, Duck Dynasty racism, teacher says Santa is black, man kills his wife, skitzo bi-polo and take those Christmas lights down!

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  1. chuckspears

    Erica Campbell’s picture will likely generate a good amount of male converts to the church. Dudes will be like, “oh, they make ’em like that at church now?” Sure it’s a form fitting dress, but with that figure, I can’t see what you can really do about that short of layering her in sheets and curtains. Maybe they’d be happy if she had that trash bag Missy Elliot wore in that one video. Would the church wild out if she did gymnastics, track or something athletic where her uniform might be even more revealing? I think she’s represented herself well for close to two decades and people need to fall all the way backwards on this. Let her cook man!

  2. Princeleron

    Rod and Karen, you have forced me to put on this cape for Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift’s current success have very little to do with her incident with Kanye West in 2009. Before that incident, Both of her albums had gone many times platinum and she had won four grammys. One of those was for Album of the Year. That album was already the highest selling album of the 2009. My point is that Taylor was already winning at a high level before the VMA’s and was only eighteen. This did more to hurt Kanye then it did to help Taylor. Even if people felt bad for her it didn’t cause them go buy Red, which was two albums later, just to spite Kanye West. She probably had 100 million dollars before that night(referencing to the Jay Z lyrics). I believe Kanye is the best rapper of all time and don’t give a fuck about Taylor Swift’s music. I just don’t like to see someone’s accomplishments minimized. Lastly when heard Kanye say that she should have spoken up in his favor when he was getting roasted, I laughed. When you play someone on national television, they tend not to give a fuck about what happens to you.

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