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614: Diluting The Race


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. HC

    Rod, you are brilliant. A Leonard Brothers PR firm is a spectacular idea. Embrace the racism, don’t run from it like Justine Sacco’s company. Outside the box thinking like that is why I’m proud to be president of the Get Rod A Tippy Committee. Leonard, I need a new job too, so let me know if you’re down to make this dream a reality.

  2. O4Soldier

    Why was dude so butt hurt about Rod’s comments over stop and frisk? Its the truth that’s its a racist policy that has harassed minorities to the breaking point.. Racism is an American problem.. Racial harmony my ass.. Lets wait until an diplomat from India can visit your city and not be stopped seized and stripsearched before anyone can say racism doesn’t exist there..

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