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616: Black Batman


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Rod and Karen are joined by Montoyis and Kevo of Beatin Da Block Podcast to discuss the holidays, Santa, New Years Eve dates, a Mike Vick hit piece by a hypocrite, black Batman, south east Santa, the Pope ain’t changed, New Years at Applebee’s, Miley Cyrus on Bey, photoshopping black people on campus, Super Head is no longer black, robbing for Jay-Z tickets, meth masturbator, pantsless vandal and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ChuckSpears

    Black Batman’s arch enemies are the Big Joker, the Little Joker, High Blood Pressure and a Socio-Economic system designed o keep him down. Black Batman does have a Bat Mobile, but he has Boost Mobile. Black Batman doesn’t have a sidekick named Robin, he gets his ass kicked for suspicion of armed robbing and assault with a deadly weapon. Black Batman isn’t allowed in the Justice League, because he was told that league was for “Just Us.” He’s not the hero the city needs or deserves, he’s the hero that curses at kids, smokes Newports and would dare your monkey ass to say something about.

    And Black Santa, don’t even get me started on that dude.

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