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617: Tigallo’s Reckoning


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Rod and Karen are joined by Phonte of the Foreign Exchange and Little Brother to discuss meeting Phonte in Durham, the word n-gga, The Whispers “Keep On Loving Me” video, Eric Roberson’s “We are On The Move” video, Charity Starts At Home revisited, men who can dance, feminism, opinions on Twitter, Glynis Racine, a Phoenix dad puts the ax to his son, public masturbator in a deli and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AstronautJonez

    I caught this episode kinda late, but it’s crazy dope that y’all had Phonte on the show. And since y’all have your own Phonte stories I wanted to share mine. My freshman year of college, Little Brother did a show in Detroit and I got to interview them for the University newspaper. I was supposed to interview them beforehand, but when I met Chaundon, who managed them, he said we’d have to do it after. So I got to do the interview them on the tour bus with Phonte, Big Pooh, Darien Brockington and a couple other cats. Phonte kinda played me on the low cuz being 18 at the time, he asked me how old I was and gave me this look like “Nigga, you look 12 or somethin”. But it was all good and they were real open. But the best part was when this big dude, who I assumed was either a homeboy or security (or both) told another dude to “go find that white girl with the ass and tell her I said ‘It’s spoony time'”. Sure enough she popped up a few minutes later. One of the coolest nights I can remember.

  2. Felt501

    Yo I may be too late for Saturday’s show but I must say that I’m so proud of yall for getting Phonte on the show. It’s amazing to see the podcast I love and a rapper who’s music was so inspirational and got me thru so much shit. Yall are awesome. Peace

  3. Blaq Rob


    That was so cool that you guys were able to get Phonte on the show, and that was a really great interview! You guys asked some great questions and I think Phonte was really open and honest about where he was coming from with “Charity Starts at Home.”

    My biggest take away from the episode: Phonte is just a cool, intelligent, funny ass dude who HAPPENS to be a rapper. I think that’s cool as shit and a very important distinction in an industry where most dudes aren’t all that interesting and take themselves way to seriously.

  4. HC

    This felt like a momentous episode for TBGWT. Phonte was a real cool guest. Unfortunately, I’m here to hate on your success! Y’all are getting too big, dammit. Like Paul Mooney told Chappelle, white people will take your show if you’re not careful. If they see your article reading skills and hire you and Karen away from the podcast to anchor the NBC Nightly News, at least promise you’ll bring the chat room along and let us guess the race on a news crawl at the bottom of the tv screen. But seriously, one of my favorite episodes.

  5. da_ticklah

    Man I just appreciate dudes rationalizing the other side of these high profile ass whoopings kids gotta take some times. Better I whoop they ass now, than to have em breaking in your window in 10 years. These lil niggas know can be disrespectful as shit left un-checked and for some kids, an ass whooping is the only way to wake they ass up.

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