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622: Equally Yoked

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Rod and Karen are joined by the ladies of Whiskey Wine and Moonshine podcast to discuss New Years Eve plans, people taking your head off in public, Kanye, Juicy J, Armond White, black teenage unemployment act, thug toddler, biting off ear over cigarette, stabbed over chicken sandwich, hanging a dog, cheerleader mother and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Bill_Monty

    Another great episode Rod & Karen! It’s always great to hear Whiskey Wine and Moonshine on the show. I do think the “Thug Toddler” should’ve been taken away from his parents, though we should be consistent across the board and do the same for kids of all races (yes white people, that includes you too) so these children aren’t set up for societal failure. The Kanye/Kim K situation was an interesting discussion too, given that it is indeed the call every dude dreads to get one day, because you really don’t have a choice but to get ready to go whoop some ass even if you’re not that kind of guy. Also have to say that watching the spreecast of this almost made my MacBook crash with all that fine on the screen at one time smh. Great show again Rod & Karen, looking forward another great week of TBGWT!

  2. @WakandasFinest

    I see kids like the “Thug Toddler” all the time at the Bus Station here in Lansing. the most disturbing this i ever saw was when a little girl that couldn’t have been older than 2 started Dropping it like it was hot in the middle of the Bus station while her mom & other adults laughed & cheered her on.

    needless to say, i was singing “lift every voice & sing” to myself on the bus to nurse my broken soul. Save me, Black Jesus!

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