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626: America’s Glass House

Glass house and stone

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Rod and Karen discuss the resignations over Mandela-Gate, gay stuff at the Olympics, AZ bill to allow discrimination against gays, Rob Ford, Duck Dynasty ratings down, Oliver Stone quits MLK film, Amber Ruffin first black female late night show writer, Patti Labelle disses heffas, Richard Sherman, Frat has black party for MLK day, Sarah Palin uses MLK for racism, mother upset her criminal son was shot, Woman kills dog to no one else can have it, woman stabs co-worker over hog stomach and sword ratchetness.

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  1. @WakandasFinest

    I really wish Oliver Stone had been allowed to make the MLK movie he wanted. Yes, people would have called him a racist for besmurching the name of a great black leader, but c’mon people. a black preacher that had side-chicks & was shady? are we that blind? do we not read all these stories of our preachers fucking our kids & giving women HIV? why do we draw the line at showing his faults, but noone gets outraged at movies that showed Malcolm X or Nelson Mandelas imperfections?

    also, in the case of Richard Sherman, you are right rod. this was just another case of white people losing their shit that a black man got a little hype around a white woman. of course, this does harken back to the infamous Kanye Stage Jack at the VMAs, but we both know where im going with this point so ill end my point here.

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