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636: Bidness Selfie


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Rod and Karen are joined by Dillon of the Decepticomics to discuss his start in stand up, bombing, not getting paid, being a child actor, nerd stuff, a business meeting, Whitney Houston, Bieber, Dylan Farrow, the Wingman app, Arthur Cho, bank fees, Obama taking on cyber security, Eddie Murphy’s daughters busting it wide open, P#ssy Riot is tougher than us, Flea cops to not playing life, Zimmerman vs DMX, couple’s daughter calls 911 a lot, man pulls gun on Girl Scout, teacher makes girl go topless and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I had to coin a new word for these niggas out chea riding feeling bad for the likes Paul George. It’s called simpathy or being simpathetic.

  2. @Wakandasfinest

    Woody Allen is just…awful. whats worse is that celebs like Whoopi Goldberg are hardcore staning for him. I stand by H2OKevs point that she stands for evil white celebs because thats the only kinds of men who will fuck her.

    also, on the DMX vs. Zimmerman fight: Mo has put a moratorium on us discussing it on the show, so ill say what ive been wanting to say here. Please, for the love of god, let Mike Tyson fight him. Iron Mikes Trash talk is epic. Forget Richard Sherman, thats a Thug Athlete.

  3. Dr. AbrACEive©

    I give “Wouldn’t Pull Out” status to all 7’s and above, but I make exceptions for any woman that shows interest in me, lets me out talk her, consents to sex, has a phat ass, or any combination of the above. And I’m trying to pull a trap move with the current roles, so hell yeah, I’d be down for that. I’m not mad at any woman that successfully pulls that off. Fake love. Get money.

  4. PrinceLeron

    This woody Allen shit is insane. I understand if you can still watch his movies but to come out and ride for him is totally different. Barbara Walter said that she has seen Woody with his daughters and they have a good relationship. Does she not understand that most people would molest children in from of Barbara Walters. I wouldn’t have a problem if this was the first time but he has already admitted to some similar shit before. I was a youngling when Big Ben got his first accusation and I thought it was a stretch for people to say he raped that woman. After the second joint came out, I wiped my hands of that shit. By the third one I was suspicious of anyone who wasn’t suspicious of Big Ben.

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