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637: Keep Your Crazy


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Miss Krysable


    I just wanted to be a responsible friend and give you guys a follow up to my email on Saturday. I in fact spoke with Jae and she did say that she is gaining more traction and I even I finally forced her to give me her twitter handle @jaebrownie. It is private but I believe if she gets enough requests she may cave and we can finally drag her out into the twitter light…which in reality is darkness…but you know what I mean right???? Oh and if you have her on Facebook shout her out for getting member of the month for her fitness club and yes its a cute picture 😉

    I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day or UnValentines Day, Jumpoff Day, BJ Day whatever you celebrate. I pray that condom use was high and Plan B use was low.


    Miss Krysable

  2. lena

    These voice mails, from Louis from CA, sound like the type of speech someone would say in a Quentin Tarantino movie right before he shoots the entire room up.

    Be careful, you guys.

    • @Wakandasfinest

      In the words of Morpheus “Then let us pray i was wrong”

  3. Dazzmond Hill

    Rod. What do you do to these niggas??? It makes me wonder: What do all these guys who react like this have in common? Lack of confidence in themselves? Their perspective has never been challenged in such a way before? Maybe they’re just bitches?

    • @Wakandasfinest

      Is Weak Azz Bitch an Option?

  4. @Wakandasfinest

    I think i can better Explain the point i was trying to make with the Comedy Diversity issue now that i hear your outlook on it: the reason people like Seinfeld & people like CBS refuse to add diversity in their comedy is because some bits of humor don’t always translate over in a Palatable way.

    as you said, great amounts of comedy come from conflicting viewpoints, but more often than none, said Dichotomy is written from the Paradigm of one side which ends up making one side or even both look like Exaggerated Tropes of each other.

    when it comes to White Vs Black, it can be humorous…up to a point. at some point, the audience will have to deal with the serious Schism between both parties. you can probably make the racist Grandma or Grandpa somewhat Humorous (if at all possible) but no amount of laugh tracks can lighten the mood when they have to deal with things like Racial Profiling or just out and out racism.

    as for Stand-up comedians like jerry seinfeld, unlike Larry David, they hesitate to Bring in Comics of Different Backgrounds simply because much of their brand is built off of being Safe & non-threatening. Black Comedians, even at their least Melancholy, tell jokes that have a certain level of cultural Exclusion in their Experience. Larry David knew there would be a cultural Disconnect & built off of it for “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

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