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639: The Gayest Show Ever


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Rod and Karen discuss the newest spin-off show, Marcus Smart, Michael Sam, Nigeria’s treatment of gays, same sex couple denied communion, Clay Aiken to run for congress, Patrick Crayton, Fou-Dre, cops harass mom and son, plant thief, hammerman and sword rathetness.

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  1. @Wakandasfinest

    Let me start by saying i wish you still played music at the top of the actual episode as the Sylvester classic “you make me feel (mighty real)” would have been perfect to open or close the show with. check spotify or youtube to hear what i mean.

    second, Idea for a premium show: one where you just do reviews of Impossible white man films. i mean, the rules already separate them from superhero movies, so theres your excuse. besides, im sure the boys over at 3BlackGeeks would be glad to help you on it.

    third, in the case of all of the Gay related news, i applaud Michael Sam in his bravery. that being said, i would like to Yell a healthy “fuck my life” after hearing the news that Juno star ellen Page has come out of the closet. my inner 16 year old is crying

    anyway, back on track. I really hope clay aiken at least runs for public office. I mean no Schadenfreude (german for “happiness at the expense of others”) when i say i can’t wait for the attack ads

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