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650: GIRL


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Rod and Karen discuss Pharrell’s album cover, the 2013 Tippies nominations are in (go vote), a Burger King gets edgy, black kids at UCLA, procrasti-shaver, shoe jerker, hamster squeezer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I need the UCLA law students to the fuck up. You know that you got accepted because of you abilities so just do what you need to do. What the hell where they expecting you decided to attend the school? Also, their are 33 of you and there are other black students on campus. This whining helps nothing. I went to a HBCU(Bronco Pride) and now attend Harvard and I approached the situation a whole different way. The first day I showed up wearing a snapback and electrolime foamposites. And I can’t wait for an racial conversation to pop off. These law students need to know that graduate school is tough and can lonely for everyone.

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