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709: The Mark Cuban Mentality


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Dazzmond Hill

    You guys add so much to the conversation when it comes to race and misogyny. They are born of the same mindset. For articulating feelings I’ve had for years, I just want to say ‘thank you’.

  2. butterbean

    I am so mad that I have been paying $15 per month only to listen to your movie reviews and have slept on The Nerd Off. While my nerdism only extends to scifi videos and comic books, my husband, who relies on me to download podcasts whenever we travel, is into video games, anime, and technology *he doesnt get involved with social media*. I’ve been starving my husband from your awesome Nerd Off show until I recently decided to load it up and play it during our drive yesterday. I think he has now found his favorite panel of nerds since we downgraded our cable and lost G4TV. I’m also impressed by how your shows actually has FLOW and is paced to touch on many topics without droaning on about the same topic for about an hour. That’s what keeps all your shows interesting. Even people who broadcast on radio and well established comedians, who are supposed to be trained on timing, fail to do this on their podcasts. You guys are awesome! We respect your hussle and look forward to your shows.

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