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721: Food Stamp B!tches


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Rod and Karen are joined by Leonard and Nic to discuss Teresa D Patterson’s “Food Stamp B!tches”, the Smiths are cleared, ex-wife killed at high school reunion, Farrah lying, officer refuses to protect gay parade, housing loans, Ohio teacher fired, heroin in first grade, GBL death, lobster pants, kidnapper fail and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Adrian Jackson

    Nice book review guys, I got mad all over again when everybody started talking about Jewel (who smoked all the TVs). That lady made no sense to me, she didn’t ask her son nothin about the duffle bags of money? She was always the most self righteous even though the reader knew of her drug habits. The other girls did go by themselves to client’s houses but Jewel was going to the trap house to get hooked up, but she somehow thought she had the privilege to judge the other 3 women. Jewel gets a 100 for fuckin with black people. That was a great first book for the club, very ratchet yet still tasteful. Rod did a good job as the moderator and kept the discussion going. I enjoyed how Karen and the guests had several points to bring up, people discussed but nobody repeated topics. Next time I’m going to try and listen live so I can participate in the chat room, great show.

  2. butterbean

    Great show guys! It reminds me of when I was a high school freshmen and we passed around those black romance magazines like “Black Confessions” and “Bronze Thrills” while waiting for the next Terry McMillan novels. Please ask the author to get on your show for an interview. She certainly has some explaining to do. Although I can kinda understand how these books can go published without being properly edited, she has got to explain why she went with that horrible title when it had nothing much to do with the plot and the tacky cover. I would have passed on a book like this and not bother flipping it over to read the synopsis. I’m sure that I’m not the only person that does that and it probably cost her plenty of other potential readers. You know what….go ahead and respectfully ask her what’s up with the half-assed editing job too. Anyway, I’m glad that it was still an entertaining read, and it made for a very funny segment for your show.

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