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723: #BringBackOurHotMustard


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Rod and Karen discuss THOT, black famous relationships, Amelia Earhart, Dolphin LSD, Belle Knox, Alaskan bars have pregnancy tests, UW misogynist, Japanese pedos, bring back Hot Mustard, HS gets less racist name, Mandela movie, anchorman stalker, Wal-Mart pedo, meth hotel, burned kids, poison mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    We need to put more effort into the sauce revolution. Last Monday was my last class so me and a classmate went to McDonald’s to get something to eat afterwards. We decided to split a twenty piece and order two large fries. I was happy because I knew I was winning. I did my fat nigga math and knew that there was no way she was eating more than seven nuggets. After we order and pay they tell us that they are running low on Buffalo and BBQ sauce. Then precede to only give us two sauces. TWO fucking sauces. I had to dip my nuggets in ketchup like a damn kindergarten student. I did get 14 nuggets tho.

  2. HC

    Congratulations again on the spreecast spotlight this week. Cool to see the fans show up and support as always. I was trying so hard to represent the show well and be on my best behavior in the chat room, I even restrained myself from asking Kathy Cho to go with me. Anyway, well deserved honor.

  3. Kyle

    I think Time thought that publishing Belle Knox’s article would get some younger readers to the site. Especially after they published a really stupid cover article about young people last year. The only problem is that they could have found somebody who was smart, and has a young audience. I mean young women of color love lupita nyong’o, they should have begged her to write an article.

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