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726: Pouring It On Thicke


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rhett and Lamonte to discuss their former podcast relationship, spelling back in the old days, Solange-gate, Jeremy Meeks news, Robin Thicke begging, Obama daughters will make minimum wage, Obama urinal cake, baby sitter liar, John Blake, priest radio host, baby in the field and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    Watching Robin Thicke’s video, I didn’t see enough pain in his eyes or heartache in his voice. I haven’t researched, but I believe the modern day standard for “I’m sorry” videos was set by Anthony Hamilton. Patchy facial hair beats fake blood any day, plus Anthony was too busy curled up on his bed crying to be rubbing on a Charlene lookalike. And Charlene STILL didn’t come home! Robin doesn’t stand a chance.

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